Our Company

We are dedicated to bringing our customers 
the world’s finest Permanent Makeup Pigments and offer 
the best education in the industry!

Premier Pigments manufacture the world's finest permanent makeup pigments. Now, you can benefit from a decade of our research and development about cosmetic tattoos. We'll teach you how to employ our latest techniques in the application of permanent cosmetics with excellent results. Our cosmetic tattoo classes are very thorough, taught by industry leaders, and offer participants hands-on training. There is no obligation, and classes are very affordable.

Premier Pigments Mission Statement:

Premier Pigments enjoys a preeminent reputation in the development and quality of the world's finest permanent cosmetic pigments. We are dedicated to the continuous advancement of superior techniques and micro-pigmentation training for intradermal cosmetic technicians around the world. We will continue to be an efficient distributor and marketer of products and services that support the changing needs of the consumer. We conduct our business in an open and forthright manner in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations so that we are correctly perceived to be an ethical organization of dedicated and competent individuals of high integrity and credibility.


  • We are committed to the manufacturing and distribution of superior permanent cosmetic pigments that are backed by scientific integrity and are in harmony with long-term stability and good health.

  • We will continue to be an efficient and trustworthy provider for quality permanent eye makeup, brow makeup, lip makeup, and other products at price levels that are fair and competitive.

  • We will provide a service that is efficient, responsive, reliable, courteous, and professional.

  • We will strive to anticipate, listen, and respond to the cosmetic tattoo technicians' desires for innovative new products.

  • We are dedicated to understanding and responding to the marketing needs of intradermal cosmetic technicians and providing them with quality promotional products, permanent makeup, and systems that will help them to succeed in their practice.

  • We will continue working to develop partnerships with technicians to assure mutual success, and unity so that we may better serve the health of mankind and enrich the quality of our lives, and our profession.

Intradermal Cosmetic Technicians are our most valuable resource. Their efforts, more than the latest machines or eyelash extensions, produce successful procedures and a positive image for Premier Pigments. Our relationship with our students is one of mutual respect and a partnership in the development of an industry in its infancy. We are totally committed to our students by identifying their needs, remaining attuned and responsive to changing demands, developing relationships based on trust, and assuming a co-leadership role in advancing knowledge, techniques, and skills.

For more information about Premier Pigments or to make your reservation(s) for microblading or permanent makeup education/training through the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, call our customer service department at 800-642-1096. (Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes)