Beyond Black

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Beyond Black — Don’t wait to add this popular color to your permanent makeup supplies!

  • Beyond Black is our blackest black eyeliner color — a staple in your permanent makeup supplies!
  • Rest assured our premium pigments implant easily.
  • Our premium pigments are formulated with the best ingredients in the market.
  • Our premium pigments are proven to be safe.

Our blackest black eyeliner color, Beyond Black, is a staple and a “must-have” in your permanent makeup supplies. This color implants easily and heals jet black. Perfect for your clients who are looking for the traditional black eyeliner look.

Warning: This color is manufactured with fine particle pigments. Use a #3 needle with a pointillism technique in the lash line only. Improper technique will result in migration.

  • Color: Jet Black
  • Eyeliner Pigment
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Collection