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At Premier Pigments, we work to learn more about the world of permanent makeup artists by traveling to other countries and studying their techniques and artistry. This global perspective, along with our commitment to providing the best in permanent makeup artists and pigments, has made us leaders in the permanent makeup industry.

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Our expertly trained team has dedicated themsleves to creating the best procedures using our wide selection of permanent makeup pigments. From permanent eyebrow makeup to lip and other permanent makeup artist procedures, we’ve perfected our techniques and teach through hands-on training.

When you choose Premier Pigments, you get access to the best the permanent makeup industry has to offer, ranging from high-quality pigments to training sessions and hands-on learning environments.

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Eye Procedures

Do you think your eyes are your best feature? Do you love your eyes? Do you find that getting your eyes to look acceptable in the morning is a challenge? You can now remove that stress from the beginning of your day with our permanent makeup eyebrows.


Permanent Eyebrows

Our permanent makeup eyebrow procedure is the best in the business. You won’t be disappointed by this beautiful treatment. Anyone who uses an eyebrow pencil is guaranteed to love this procedure. It’ll be a more permanent addition to the beautiful eyes that you’ve always strived to obtain. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about how this procedure works.

It takes less than an hour to apply, and you’ll have eyebrows that look fuller and more radiant. Don’t delay in getting the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. When you come in to get your permanently good-looking brows, you’ll be able to continue looking your best when you’re engaging in swimming or watersports, or you don’t want to have to worry about sweating makeup off during physical activity. This procedure of permanent makeup eyebrows is also beneficial for anyone who:

  • Has nearly invisible, thinning, or no eyebrows
  • Has especially oily skin and makeup won’t stay on or easily smudges
  • Has poor eyesight and, as a result, has difficulty applying makeup
  • Wears contacts

Come by or call us today to learn more about how permanent makeup eyebrows can be beneficial to you. We are always wanting to talk with you about the kind of experience you want while you are perfecting your look!


Permanent Eyeliner

Just like our permanent eyebrow treatment, permanent eyeliner can help those who would like to look their best no matter what they are doing. Putting eyeliner on in the morning is difficult on its own, and if you don’t have the best eyesight, it can become even harder to get it on and looking nice. Save yourself the time in the mornings and let us help you get that permanent look that will enhance your life. All of your friends will be raving about how beautiful your eyes look after our treatments and you’ll be able to walk out the door looking your best in less than half the time and with much less effort.

Implantation of subtle shadowing in the lashline can mimic hundreds of tiny eyelashes. This is incredibly popular among men as well as women to achieve a very natural appearance. Additional shadowing of color can create a soft enhancement. Depending on your desired results, a bold line can be achieved as well. Permanent eyeliner is recommended by ophthalmologists for those who are allergic to makeup and for people who wear contact lenses.

If you’ve ever thought about how nice it would be to not have to get up so early to put your makeup on or are tired of dealing with the mid-day smears and touch-ups, let us be a part of your solution. When you come to us, we’ll solve your makeup dilemmas and issues with our treatments and procedures.

Lip Procedures

Do you have asymmetrical, pale or thin lips? Do your lips drive you crazy? If so, and you want to change this, we can help.


Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Color

The lip liner and color procedure can actually appear to reshape or change the size of the lips as well as enhance the color, and it’s beautiful! Permanent color will assist in preventing lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin as well as camouflage age lines that surround the lips. Many people request color similar to that of an infant: a very natural soft pinkish-red. Others desire a more dramatic effect.

No matter what color you want to go with, we can assure you that when you come in to get your permanent lip liner or lip color, we will help you find the perfect look. You’ll save time throughout your day because you won’t have to waste the minutes putting your lipstick on.

You could have perfectly colored lips in less than 90 minutes with our procedure. Call us today to get started.


Permanent Cleft Lip Correction Procedure

Receiving permanent pigmentation to a cleft lip actually appears to reshape the lips and their formation. If you’ve had problems with a cleft lip and are tired of using surgical treatments to correct it, we might be able to help with our procedure. We’ve found that pigmenting the lips actually makes them appear fuller and appears to reshape them.

If you’re tired of undergoing constant procedures trying to fix your cleft lip and are tired of feeling afraid to go out because you’re uncomfortable with the way your lips look, we want to help you. Everyone deserves lips they love, which is why we offer this procedure to help you feel more comfortable. Our keen attention to detail in our procedures is unmatched. Let us give you the balanced, even lips you’ve been dreaming of!

Scar Camouflage

Everyone has those pesky scars that they wish didn’t exist. Now, with new technology, we can camouflage those scars so they are practically unnoticeable. Come in or contact us today to find out more!


Permanent Scar Camouflage

Our very own specialized technique for scar camouflage is unmatched. Color is mixed to match the skin tone and then implanted into the scar tissue. In the best of cases, we’ve seen the scar practically disappear from view. At the very least, your scar will become less noticeable to others. Our goal is to make your scars invisible, almost as if whatever it was that caused them didn’t happen. We want you to be comfortable with yourself and if your scars are preventing that from happening, allow us to assist you on the path to a body that you can feel 100 percent comfortable in.

Permanent Camouflage for birthmarks, stretch marks, freckles, age spots and hairline Similar to scars, we can help you rid your body of the unwelcome birthmarks, stretch marks, freckles, age spots or ambiguities in your hairline that you just aren’t a fan of. If you have any unwanted spots on your body, we can get rid of them and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Contact us for more information on our skin and scar solutions to see if we can get rid of the irregularities in your skin and give you a perfect canvas. Just because you have a lot of freckles or a lot of scars from your childhood doesn’t mean that you have to live with marks that stand out on your body forever. Let us help you obtain that perfect, spot-free body today!

Other Treatments

At Premier Pigments, we train our permanent makeup artists in other types of procedures, including nipple pigmentation.


Permanent Areola (Nipple Pigmentation)

Patients undergoing breast reconstruction or those born without color in the nipples can benefit from permanent pigmentation. Physicians recommend the procedure for several reasons including a positive impact on a patient’s self-esteem.

Patients undergoing breast reconstruction or those born without color in the nipples can benefit from permanent pigmentation. Physicians recommend the procedure for several reasons including a positive impact on a patient’s self-esteem.

Our procedure will restore the hue, shape, and texture of your areola. We like to think of it as a way of restoring what was once a lost part of yourself. Even if you simply have discoloration on your nipples, this procedure could be the one for you, though it is generally used in patients who have undergone surgeries on their breasts at some point in time. Let us help you get your body back to as close to normal as it once was before your operation. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this procedure.