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Our more than 30 years of experience is unmatched by any other company.

We are the world's largest source for microblading and permanent makeup training and equipment. As pioneers in the development of safe, long-lasting, true-to-color microblading and permanent makeup pigments, our award-winning training and certification programs are what make us stand out.

We are the oldest and largest training and supply company in the field. When it comes to training and products, why wouldn’t you want the best? We are pioneers in pigment formulation and research, and  have been training beauty professionals for more than 25 years.

If you are looking for a certain procedure or training, we’re your No. 1 option. Why wouldn’t you put your training or your care in the best hands? With us, we can assure you that our professionals are at the top and are the most knowledgeable in the field. You can trust us with your care and your training alike.

Whether you need a procedure done or are searching to become a certified professional, we can guarantee that we have the best products and services in the business.

Call us today to get more information at (800) 642-1096.