Plum Purple

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Enhance your natural lash line and your permanent makeup supplies with Plum Purple permanent eyeliner!  

  • Plum Purple is a beautiful, bright purple shade.
  • This winsome color is very popular for natural lash line enhancements.
  • Plum Purple is the perfect compliment for brown and hazel eyes.
  • Our premium pigments are safe and formulated with top of the line permanent cosmetic pigment formulations.

Add this beautiful, bright purple shade to your permanent makeup supplies today! Your clients will thank you. Plum Purple is one of the most popular permanent eyeliner colors for natural lash enhancements for individuals with brown and hazel eyes.The perfect color to enhance your clients’ looks!

  • Color: Bright Purple
  • Eyeliner Pigment
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Collection