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Achieve All-Natural Permanent Makeup Eyebrows With The Right Training

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Permanent makeup eyebrows are a great option for people looking to have fuller eyebrows without having to spend time each morning strategically applying makeup.

At Premier Pigments, we have earned our reputation as the leaders in research and innovation in the permanent makeup industry. That’s why we offer a wide selection of permanent makeup training classes from our highly-skilled and qualified trainers.

There are a lot of technicalities that go into creating permanent makeup eyebrows that look natural and effortless. If you’re a cosmetician looking to offer permanent makeup eyebrows at your spa or clinic, make sure you take a class from the professionals. These different courses offer knowledge from leaders in the industry and hands-on experience that will make you both confident and knowledgeable when it comes to permanent makeup procedures.

Sign up for classes through Premier Pigments and start giving high-quality and professional permanent makeup eyebrows today.

Core Classes

If you haven’t applied permanent makeup before, it’s a good idea to start with the core classes to best understand the basic applications and techniques that go into permanent makeup.

Most of our core classes also require a Bloodborne Pathogen certification or Basic Course Certification as prerequisites.

Basic Permanent Makeup Course

This will give you the basics on permanent cosmetics, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Hands-on procedures
  • Live demonstrations
  • Must-know health considerations
  • General application
  • Color selections
  • And more

Throughout the course, you can take quizzes to make sure you’re retaining the information and techniques learned throughout the course.

Brow Basics Course

Learn everything you need to know about brows — and more! This Brow Basics Course will get you started on what is involved with permanent makeup eyebrows. A variety of aspects are covered to ensure that you feel confident when it comes to brows. Learn how to:

  • Measure brows
  • Shape brows
  • Color brows
  • Space brows

When it comes to eyebrows, all of these different elements work together to enhance any face shape, so learning the basics is vital. Once you’ve completed this basic course, you can move on to more advanced techniques involved with permanent makeup eyebrows.

Advanced Classes

Once you’ve made it through the vital core courses, you’re ready to dive into our speciality classes. These classes will give you an in-depth look at different permanent makeup techniques.

Dynamic, Defined-Hairline Stroke Eyebrows

This course goes over all the nuances that go into making eyebrows look all-natural. From creating hairlines that look real to placing pigments and creating depth, this course will help you improve your hairline strokes.

Minimizing Mistakes

Mistakes happen, but when it comes to permanent makeup, minimizing your mistakes is a must. Use this course to boost your confidence and solidify your techniques. Mistake-free cosmeticians can build their reputation and increase your pool of clients.

Eyebrow Essentials

Learn tips and tricks for defining eyebrows, whether you’re applying permanent makeup or microblading brows. This course will teach you to create and shape eyebrows both with and without the assistance of stencils. Change how you look at eyebrows and perform your eyebrow procedures with this course.

Micro Hairline Strokes

These micro strokes go one step beyond hairline strokes. You’ll learn how to create these micro strokes using both hand tools and digital machines. While the techniques in this course work great for other places where you need to add hairlines, like the scalp.

Color Applications for Asians, Hispanics, Ethnics, and Caucasians

Eyebrows and eyebrow colors are unique to every individual. This makes matching pigment color to hair and skin tone incredible important. Take this course to help expand your knowledge on how to choose pigments, and determine the best undertone for your client’s skin.

Premier Pigments

Do you feel like an expert when it comes to permanent makeup eyebrows? We over a wide variety of courses that extend beyond brows. If you’re ready to become a well-rounded cosmetician when it comes to permanent makeup procedures, make sure you browse our other course offerings and sign up for any courses that will help expand your knowledge and your practice! You can also learn more about our highly qualified trainers.

When it comes to your permanent makeup supplies, Premier Pigments is manufactures and sells the world’s finest. Once your ready to start permanent makeup procedures, make sure you order your supplies from us. 


The FDA is alerting consumers, microblading artists, permanent makeup artists, tattoo artists, physicians, and distributors of permanent makeup and tattoo inks of the potential for serious injury from use of permanent makeup inks and tattoo inks that are contaminated with bacteria. The colors listed include those manufactured and/or distributed by Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color Inc. [...]

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