4 Reasons Our Pigments Are the Best for PMU

4 Reasons Our Pigments Are the Best for PMU

Sep 16th 2022

If you are a Permanent Make-Up Artist or Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, you know the importance of using high-quality pigments on your clients. At Premier Pigments, we understand that color is everything, which is why we’re proud to offer the world’s finest permanent makeup education and supplies. Keep reading to learn more about what makes our pigments the best for permanent makeup applications, and  shop online today!

lips with permanent makeup

30+ Years of Research

Premier Pigments’ founder, Sandi Hammons, has put more than 30 years of research into developing the cosmetic pigments that we offer. Choosing the best pigment for your client is essential when applying permanent makeup; we considered properties such as the potential for allergic reactions, color absorption, and pigment migration when our products were developed.

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Best Color & Pigment for Any Skin Tone

At Premier Pigments, we’re proud to offer a variety of colors made to match any skin tone. When it comes to permanent makeup application, it’s essential that the colors look as natural as possible while enhancing your overall look. When you choose a color that complements your skin tone perfectly, it’s easy to achieve that goal.

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Top-Quality Ingredients — Made Without Iron Oxides

Many permanent makeup pigments on the market today are made with iron oxide, a low-cost ingredient found in many conventional cosmetics. Iron oxide, however, is not an ingredient that you want in a permanent makeup pigment because it isn’t just applied topically, it goes underneath the skin. At Premier Pigments, we create our products using only top-quality ingredients and without iron oxide.

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FDA-Approved for Permanent Use

The last reason to choose Premier Pigments when it comes to PMU applications is that our products are FDA-approved for permanent use! Our research and diligence in creating a high-quality product have paid off, and it’s a product that we’re proud to offer to cosmetic tattoo artists nationwide.

When you need to stock up on permanent makeup supplies and pigments, there’s no better choice than Premier Pigments. Start shopping today!

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