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Back To Basics: What are permanent makeup eyebrows?

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Have you been looking for a way to get your eyebrows permanently done? With this article, we are going back to the basics with permanent makeup eyebrows, what they are, and everything else you need to know.

At Premier Pigments, we are the leader when it comes to the finest quality permanent makeup supplies. From education and training to our makeup pigments, you can trust our team with everything cosmetic artistry, especially permanent makeup eyebrows.

What Are Permanent Makeup Eyebrows?

Before you commit to getting your brows done, it’s important to understand what permanent makeup eyebrows are.

Permanent makeup eyebrows are a type of cosmetic tattoo that fills in the spaces of your brow to give the appearance of a full brow — not to mention that permanent eyebrows will cut your morning routine in half!

There are a lot of different things that go into getting permanent makeup eyebrows done, including the right pigment, a trained cosmetician, and the time it takes to draw tiny hair-like strokes along your brow line. Here are some of the basics to know for when you get your permanent makeup eyebrows done.

Shape And Color

Wondering how your cosmetician will know the shape and color of brow you want? Tell them! Before the actual tattooing process starts, you will sit down with your cosmetician and discuss your eyebrows, including their shape and color.

The expertise of your cosmetician will also come into play here. They will consider your lips, brow bone, and other features of your face to find a brow shape that compliments your facial structure. Then the cosmetician will draw on the design before any tattooing begins to make sure you’re happy with the find shape and style.

Appointment Length

The appointment length for permanent makeup eyebrows can be between two and two and a half hours long. To give your eyebrows a realistic shape and design, the cosmetician will precisely draw each individual hair mark using a tool made specially for permanent makeup tattooing.

Ultimately, the amount of time will depend on how your tissue responds to the pigments and how long the consultation portion of your appointment takes.

Are Pigments Safe?

The short answer is yes, pigments are safe. If you’re going to a cosmetician, they should be using makeup pigments that are strictly tested and regulated.

If you are worried about your pigment quality, Premier Pigments is always a safe choice. We manufacture all of our pigments to meet the safety standards of the Alliance for Safe Practice. Over the years, we have earned our reputation as the leading researcher and innovator in the permanent makeup industry, making trusted pigments for cosmeticians worldwide.

Skin Type And Age

Since the color used for your brow depends on your hair color and skin tone, permanent makeup eyebrows are perfect for all skin types. Your cosmetician will match your brows to your existing hair color for a natural-looking brow.

Permanent makeup eyebrows are also great for all ages (over 18). In fact, permanent brows have been a great solution for seniors who have lost their dexterity and steadiness, making it harder to apply makeup and perform daily brow maintenance.


Are you wondering how permanent makeup eyebrows are? While they are cosmetic tattoos, the pigment will fade naturally over time. If you want to keep the effects of your permanent eyebrows, you will need to get touch-ups around every two years.

But the time between touch-ups can depend on your skin type and how quickly the pigments fade. Always check with your permanent makeup cosmetician to see when they would recommend getting maintenance done on your brows.

Pain Levels

Are you worried about pain when it comes to permanent makeup eyebrows? A numbing agent is applied across your brow to reduce the pain. Since the needle isn’t going as deep into the skin as normal tattoos, permanent brows are less painful than traditional tattoos.

If you a way to reduce pain, always drink plenty of water before your appointment to keep your skin hydrated.

Natural Eyebrow Hair

When you get permanent makeup eyebrows, your existing eyebrow hair does not go away. That hair will continue growing as normal, so the usual maintenance of tweezing and sculpting your eyebrow shape should still happen as those hairs grow.

To avoid irritating the area where you got your permanent makeup eyebrows, however, do not wax one or around your eyebrows.

Premier Pigments

When it comes to permanent makeup eyebrows, there are many benefits, including eliminating the need to spend precious time each morning applying your eyebrows. Instead, you can wake up with your brows already done each more, saving both time and energy!

At Premier Pigments, we manufacture the world’s finest permanent makeup supplies. If you’re a cosmetician looking for training on permanent makeup, we also provide a wide variety of permanent makeup training courses. Sign up today or order our pigments for yourself today — and make sure you get your permanent makeup eyebrows appointment scheduled!