Semi-Permanent Brows: Types Of Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Benefits

Jan 28th 2019

Semi-permanent brows offer so many benefits — like saying goodbye to tedious brow pomades, pencils, and powder; getting in a few extra z’s before work or class; and never having to worry if your eyebrows are on point after hitting the gym, riding the waves, or practicing hot yoga. While anyone, no matter their brow type, can benefit from microbladed brows, there are a few types of brows that benefit more from permanent makeup than others — and that is exactly what we are going to cover in today’s blog. Keep reading to see if your brows could benefit the most from permanent makeup.

Over-Plucked Brows

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in front of the mirror thinking you just need to get a few more stragglers when, before you know it, you are nearly eyebrowless. Or you schedule an appointment with a new esthetician and you walk out of your appointment with butchered brows — yikes. Or perhaps you participated in the over-plucked eyebrow trend of the 90s and while your brows were so trendy back then, now you must live with the consequences. No matter the cause for your over-plucked brows, semi-permanent brows are a great solution.

Light-Colored Brows

If you have light-colored hair, such as blonde, light red, or light brown, you know how much brows alter your appearance all too well — because when you take off your makeup it’s hard to tell if you have brows at all. The struggle is real. If this is you, semi-permanent brows can help by darkening the appearance of your brows long-term. Thanks to permanent makeup, you can finally get those dark eyebrow features you’ve always dreamed of.

Poorly Shaped Brows

Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram with brow envy? Do you hate the current shape of your brows? Or worse, do your brows have no shape at all? With semi-permanent brows, you can get the shape you desire without having to worry about compromising the shape of them while waxing. If you aren’t sure what eyebrow shape best suits your face shape and features, your microblading technician will be able to help! Get custom-designed semi-permanent brows that will keep their shape for many waxes to come.

Thinning Brows & Brow Loss 

There are many causes of brow loss — autoimmune diseases, nutrient deficiencies, skin conditions, stress and anxiety, aging, and more. No matter the reason for eyebrow loss, the thinning and loss of eyebrows can be a huge confidence killer. With semi-permanent brows, however, you don’t have to stress about the loss of your brows because you can gain the look of full, natural looking brows with permanent makeup. You can be confident in your brows!

Whether you have over-plucked, light-colored, poorly-shaped, or thinning brows, you don’t have to live with the brows you were given. You can achieve the eyebrows you desire by getting semi-permanent brows.

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