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Types Of Tattoo Makeup

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Tattoo makeup has a lot of benefits for people who are getting older, have diseases, or just want to save money on makeup. As a technician, it’s your job to help people who would like to feel better about the way they look and to do that, you’ll need to be as knowledgeable as possible in permanent makeup procedures. At Premier Pigments, we offer an abundance of products for technicians to utilize in their businesses. We also offer thorough educational courses for people who would like to become technicians in the permanent cosmetic industry. As a leading supplier and educator of tattoo makeup, Premier Pigments can help you achieve your dreams as being a certified technician of tattoo makeup.


Being a technician in permanent makeup can be difficult when you don’t have the right training. As the number one source for permanent cosmetic training and supplies, our courses are thorough and our supplies is the highest quality that you can offer your clients. If you’re just getting involved in tattoo makeup, then you’ll want to become as educated as possible, which means doing some comprehensive research. Other than researching what exactly a permanent cosmetic technician does, which you can learn more about in Is A Permanent Cosmetics Career For Me?, we’re also here to educate you on the multitude of different types of tattoo makeup procedures.

As a leading educator in the industry, it’s our job to help you understand exactly what every type of tattoo makeup is out there for you to learn about. Keep in mind that each tattoo makeup procedure is different and your clients will come to you to ask you what the right procedure is for them. Whether your client is interested in having perfect eyebrows or eyeliner that never disappears, it’s your job as a technician to educate them and ensure they are satisfied with the results. And to do that, we’ll need to dive into the nitty-gritty of tattoo makeup types.

What Is Tattoo Makeup?

For those who are just tuning into our blog, we’ll first address what exactly tattoo makeup is. If you’re just getting started in this industry or you want to learn more to find out if becoming a technician is right for you, then the best place to start is here. Tattoo makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that benefits people who never want their makeup to run, smear, or apply it.

It’s also for people who would like to add ‘normal’ attributes to their body after accidents or surgeries. If a person is tired of traditional makeup, then these procedures can be the right route to go in. Tattoo makeup will permanently stay on your body and will never run or smear. After some time, you may have to reapply it, but for the most part, it’ll be on there for the rest of your life. As a technician, it’s your job to know the differences in the procedures and how they can help your clients be as beautiful and confident as possible. Now that you know what you could be doing as a technician, let’s dive into the different types of procedures you can offer.

The Different Types Of Tattoo Makeup

Like any makeup procedure, there are going to be a multitude of different types that a client can choose to have completed. We laid out the more popular procedures, so you can become more familiar with tattoo makeup. To get the desired results for your clients, you’ll need to understand what is required of each procedure and how the initial application is completed. For the full spectrum of what you can offer your clients, check out our educational courses to become an expert technician.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup will make the eyes pop and hide those less than aesthetically pleasing areas around your orbs. Eye make can be applied in a few different ways to help enhance them. There is permanent eyeliner and permanent eyeshadow. When it comes to permanent eyeliner, you will apply it to the top and the bottom lids on the eye. Like any type of eyeliner, you can create a variety of different looks. From softer to a more pronounced look, you can help your client get the look he or she would like with permanent eyeliner. For permanent eyeshadow, there are a variety of colors and styles that you can apply to the lids. Eye shadow is very difficult to apply, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to know how to apply this tattoo makeup procedure.

Eyebrow Makeup

Another procedure you can offer your clients is eyebrow makeup. You’ve probably seen celebrities in magazines and on the red carpet who have more pronounced eyebrows. Now, this permanent makeup procedure helps to create those more attractive eyebrows. You will focus solely on creating the shape and creating a more flattering brow. They will shape, fill out, and define the eyebrows. It will also create a more attractive brow by filling in the areas that are a little sparse. This procedure can help those who would like a more attractive, perfect eyebrow. People who have undergone chemotherapy, Alopecia areata, and loss of facial hair. You can help your clients who have medical conditions and want to feel confident again have a more natural look.

Permanent Lip Makeup

Lastly, we can help teach you about permanent lip makeup. This procedure is for those who are tired of applying lipstick or are dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips. As a technician, you’ll have people come to you and declare that they’re unhappy with parts of their body such as their lips. With this procedure, you can offer your clients a few advantages such as creating a more natural look, brighten the color, and make a more full lip. People who could be your clients might be unhappy about their crooked or thin lips, or they could want a more defined, fuller lip in general. Your clients could have pigments applied that are her favorite color of lipstick or they could have a more natural look. Permanent lip makeup comes in a variety of types and can be applied to any type of lip.

For more information on tattoo makeup procedures, continue to read our blog.