Dark Brown Taupe

Premier Pigments

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This dark brown taupe permanent makeup supply color is perfect to brighten up your clients’ eyes.

  • If you want a darker permanent eyebrow makeup product, then the dark brown taupe tone is perfect.
  • This makeup supply product is safe, permanent, and will not fade over time.
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Signature collection, this color will heal the same as it shows on the bottle.

This makeup supplies from Premier Pigments will leave your clients satisfied with the results. What’s great about our products are how they offer longevity while still being affordable. They are also safe, so you don’t have to worry about eyebrows becoming a different color because of an unstable formula. Additionally, the eyebrow coloring will not diminish over time.

  • Dark Brown Taupe
  • Eyebrow Pigment
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Signature Collections