Light Beautiful Brown

Premier Pigments

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Get happy clients when you use this safe and beautiful makeup supplies.

  • This piece of makeup supplies is small enough for you to fit in any carrier whether you travel to your clients or you stay in one place for your business.
  • This pigment is light brown.
  • The pigment is for the eyebrows to get the perfect look.

At Premier Pigments, we have a variety of makeup supplies that are small enough that you can take anywhere to meet your clients. This pigment can be used in a permanent makeup tattoo machine or with a manual pen. The color will not fade or turn dull over time. It will also not change to another color. It is resistant to water as well as light. This neutral light brown eyebrow color is perfect because it is true to color and is made for longevity. In addition, it’s easy to use for any technician, so place an order for this affordable option.

  • Color: Light Brown
  • Eyebrow Pigment
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Signature Collection