Soft Taupe

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Soft Taupe permanent makeup supplies will add a different element to the brows of your clients. (C)

  • The formula that make up our permanent makeup supplies do not have a lot of iron oxide in them, which means they won’t fade over time and they are still safe.
  • You can expect the Soft Taupe tone to be true to color when you use it on your clients.

Are you looking for a Soft Taupe to add to your permanent makeup supplies? The Soft Taupe we offer will look like exactly what you’d expect and it’ll have lasting results for your clients. Due to our safe formula that we use, you don’t have to worry about color changes either. Affordable, safe, and beautiful, how can you find better when it comes to permanent makeup supplies?

  • Soft Taupe
  • Eyebrow Pigment
  • Part of the Sandi Hammons Collection