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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

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Makeup has been around for hundreds of years in several different capacities. From copper and lead ore that was used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago to Maybelline and Covergirl cosmetics in modern times, makeup has come a long way throughout history. When it comes to permanent makeup, the history of cosmetics is similar to an extent. Tattoo or permanent makeup is a way for you to cover up scars or other blemishes. It can also be beneficial for those who cannot apply makeup anymore due to diseases such as Bell’s palsy or after having a stroke. However, there’s always the question of whether tattoo makeup is safe to apply.

Some people may not think that tattoo makeup is not safe to apply because of the horror stories that you may have heard about it. Some people have claimed that there were burns due to the procedure or that their lips turned purple or their eyebrows pink. It’s important to keep in mind the products from Premier Pigments have never caused harm because we take the proper precautions to ensure we use a formula that’s safe. To make sure you feel comfortable with choosing this procedure; however, we’ve provided you with some information on whether tattoo makeup is truly non-toxic.


What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent or tattoo makeup is a way for you to use cosmetics without needing to apply and reapply them every day. Permanent makeup comes in several different forms from eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow liner, lip liner, and lipstick. At Premier Pigments, we sell several different pigment colors to match all skin shades. Permanent makeup isn’t just for people who would like to change the appearance of their skin, it’s also for people who want to hide things about their skin such as scarring or other deformities. Permanent makeup uses pigmentation and a needle that is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin. This will change the appearance of the skin and help to give someone more confidence about the way they look. Keep in mind the results of permanent makeup always last longer if you care for the area you had tattooed and it’s not exposed to too much skin.

The Pros Of Permanent Makeup

There are many benefits of using permanent makeup and they range from feeling more confident to not being able to apply makeup anymore. Below are just some of the pros to using permanent makeup.

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Covers scars
  • Covers skin deformities
  • Builds confidence
  • If you don’t have a steady hand from disease or age, you can still wear makeup

How Safe Is It?

Now that you know the pros and what exactly tattoo makeup is, it’s time to dive into the real question of today’s blog. Is permanent makeup safe? You may think that permanent makeup is not safe because you’re using micropigmentation on the skin, similar to a tattoo, but it’s actually a lot safer than you would think.

Permanent makeup is like a tattoo. You’ll want to work with a professional technician who understands what he or she is supposed to do and how to pigment the areas of skin under the layers. It’s also important that the pigments that are used are of the highest quality and the formula is just right. For people who have deformities or have gone through chemotherapy, then tattoo makeup can be the best way to make them feel confident again. This procedure isn’t just to save you time and money either, it’s good for people who have vitiligo, scars, and other medical needs.

When it comes down to safety, there can be allergic reactions; however, it’s very rare that this occurs. In addition, it’s important the products used have a safe balance in the pigments. Iron oxide is the safest choice for a pigment, but people can still have adverse reactions because of the vegetables and the herbs that are in this vegetable based ingredient. People can also get keloids or masses that form due to the foreign matter in the pigments.

The bottom line when it comes to permanent makeup is that it is safe. It’s been used for thousands of years in different capacities, but it’s important to note that it comes down to the pigments that are used. If the pigments aren’t top-notch and the formula isn’t safe, then the procedure can leave results such as purple lips or pink eyebrows and even an allergic reaction. While many permanent makeup procedures are safe, there’s always the risk of infection and pain if the right precautions aren’t met. In addition, it’s important to note that this procedure can be uncomfortable to the person getting it. 

At Premier Pigments, we create products that are completely safe. Whether you are a technician looking for new, trustworthy supplies or you are a client who wants to make sure the products are safe to be used, Premier Pigments have long perfected the Permanent Original Formulas to ensure they are true to color. In addition, our formula is made to be stable, safe, and sustainable for long periods of time.

Our products are much safer to use because we limit the amount of iron oxides that go into the pigments. Our pigments are also safe from allergic reactions, pigment migration, and color absorption. Our main goal is to ensure our clients are using products that are quality and exactly what they should expect from tattoo makeup. For more information on pigment safety or our products, contact Premier Pigments.