Back To Basics: What Exactly Does Brow Microblading Involve?

Back To Basics: What Exactly Does Brow Microblading Involve?

Posted by Premier Pigments on May 21st 2019

In this Back to Basics, we are here to help you understand your options when it comes to microblading. Brow microblading has become an increasingly popular procedure to help enhance the natural beauty and fullness of your eyebrows. But what exactly goes into a brow microblading procedure?

Use the information below to learn more about what brow microblading involves, and see what options you have when it comes to enhancing your eyebrows.

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The main difference between microblading and permanent tattoo makeup is that a special ink is used for the procedure. As we discussed in our previous Back to Basics blog on permanent tattoo makeup, cosmetic tattoos are a more permanent option for your eyebrows.

Brow microblading is a semi-permanent option for getting full, natural-looking eyebrows. The process is fairly simple, but it’s also great to know what to expect when you go into your procedure.

The Process

The first question you’re probably wondering is: does brow microblading hurt? Don’t worry! You can ask your cosmetitican to apply a numbing cream over your brow to help limit what you can feel.

The brow microblading procedure itself uses a precise, blade-like tool that helps make tiny incisions along your brow while depositing microblading ink underneath your skin. This process does not put ink as deep as a permanent tattoo does, but it will still give you prominent, natural-looking hair strokes.

This brow microblading tool is what allows the cosmetician to draw tiny, hair-like lines that match the direction and appearance of your natural brow hair. The end result will fill out your brow in a way that makes your brow look natural.


Microblading might not be permanent, but they do last a long time. They also make a great option if you’re not ready to commit to a cosmetic tattoo.

As we mentioned in the process, the microblading ink is not put deep into your skin. Over time, and as your skin is exposed to sunlight and other natural elements like water, the ink will begin to fade. Usually, you can see results anywhere from six months to two years following the procedure.

When you think you’re ready to touch up your microbladed brows, check with your cosmetitican!

Care And Maintenance

There are different ways you can help protect your microbladed brows following your procedure, including:

  • Avoid putting makeup on the area as you will have open wounds where the ink was put under your skin.
  • Keep the area free of moisture so the small wounds have time to heal properly. Moisture can also cause the scabs to come off earlier than they should.
  • Reduce exposure to direct sunlight as sunburns can make the ink fade faster and impact the healing process of your wounds.

It’s also best to listen to any care advice your cosmetician gives you after the procedure. Feel free to ask them any questions before you leave to make sure you get the most out of your new microbladed brows.

Microfeathering And Microshading

The popularity of brow microblading inspired other types of brow microblading, including microfeathering and microshading.

Microfeathering creates a feathered look for your brows. This cosmetic process involves putting less pigment into the skin than brow microblading does. Microfeathering is a great option if you just have a few spots in your brows you would like filled in. The cosmetician will carefully feather in micro hair lines to enhance the effect of your natural eyebrows.

On the other hand, microshading shades the skin underneath your brow. This is great if you want the area underneath your brow hair to look darker. Pigmented ink is injected under the skin without the delicate brush strokes used in brow microblading and microfeathering. Instead, this makes the brow look powdered, adding depth and density. This process will also take longer to fade as it goes deeper into the skin under your brow.

Premier Pigments

Brow microblading is a great option if you’re looking for a semi-permanent way to make your brows look full and natural — without you having to spend time every day carefully sculpting your brows.

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