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The Facts About Microblading

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Perfectly shaped eyebrows are hard to come by, but when you are taught by the experts about the procedure of microblading, you’ll be able to create a flawless arch for so many women and men who come to you to get the process completed. As a technician, it’s vital that you know about microblading. Microblading is a procedure that’s on the rise because of the beautiful way it shapes your eyebrows. From celebrities to everyday women, many want to try out this aesthetically pleasing procedure.

What makes microblading stand out is the simple way that it shapes, fills out, and perfects the eyebrows. Microblading kits are one of the pieces of supplies we offer to sell to our technicians to help them be able to offer this fantastic and popular procedure. As a leading company in pigments and education, we make it our goal to educate our technicians about these types of beauty processes. For more information on how you can learn about microblading kits, take the time to contact us.


Five Facts About Microblading

Amazing eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes. The perfect eyebrow can be many different things for many different people. For one woman, it could mean the arch and for another, it could mean making sure that they are filled out flawlessly. As a technician, it’s your job to know about microblading. You should be able to give anyone the perfect eyebrow after you go through our courses. Everyone deserves the perfect eyebrow and now you can give it to someone who wants to feel confident and look beautiful all of the time. With our courses, you can create the perfect brow for anyone who comes to you. However, it’s vital that as a technician, you are aware of some facts about microblading, which we’ll be diving into so you can do the best job possible for your clients.

It Only Lasts A Few Years

Microblading for those who aren’t aware is not permanent, it’s semi-permanent. This means that it can last anywhere from one to three years. This also means that if your client gets out of the chair and is horrified by her brows, then it won’t be something that she has to worried about for the rest of her life. One the other hand, if she absolutely loves her brows, then she’ll need to get them taken care of to keep up the maintenance on them. People who want beautiful brows will need to get them touched up every once in awhile because the longer you want a procedure to last the more you’ll need to put in a little work, which brings us to our next point...

Touchups Are Necessary

Touchups are a complete necessity. As we touched on above, microblading only can last a few years, which is why your clients will need to come back in to make those new brows more bold. Eyebrows will last much longer when regular maintenance is done to get them in tip-top shape. While there are two parts to microblading to make brows look perfect, your clients will want to have regular appointments for longer lasting results. In addition, the client should schedule them far enough in advance to allow the skin to heal. While each client who comes to you will have different skin, on average, it takes a few weeks for the skin to heal and a month for the pigments to set in.

Aftercare Is Vital

Like any procedure, the longevity of the process is determined by the aftercare. If a person gets a tattoo and they don’t take care of it, then it could become infected and destroyed. If a person gets a piercing and ignores the aftercare instructions, then it could get infected and cause harm to your body. The same can be said about microblading and the aftercare. Aftercare is so important to take care of the look of the brows, but also to ensure that the person is healthy. Aftercare consists of caring for your skin and avoiding any infections. While microblading opens the skin, it's up to the client to follow the aftercare instructions to maintain the results of the brows as well as care for the wound.

It’ll Fade

Like any procedure on the body, it will fade. Even though your client might follow the aftercare instructions to a tee and get necessary touchups, there’s not guarantee that the perfect brow will not fade. Since it’s a semi-permanent procedure, there’s always a chance that it’ll fade. All good things must come to an end, which is why you’ll want your clients to maintain a scheduled appointment with you to make sure they look the way they want to. In addition, keep your clients informed that habits such as tanning can make the microblading procedure fade faster.

It Is Not A Traditional Tattoo Makeup Procedure

If your clients have tattoos, then they may think that microblading is a permanent procedure. It’s not. There’s no tattoo gun, just a microblading kit. There’s no painful ink scars because it’s not a traditional makeup procedure. This process is a lot less painful than a traditional tattoo and it’s much easier. While your clients can get a much more permanent eyebrow tattooed on them with cosmetic tattoo, microblading is relatively simple and painless.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more on microblading and other permanent cosmetic procedures.