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What Is Microblading?

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Your friend has casually mentioned microblading to you a few times and you seriously want to know what it is. It seems to be trending too with many different celebrities coming out and saying they do microblading to get luscious, beautiful eyebrows. Your friend’s eyebrows are a beautiful, flawless look that’s leaving you a little envious. At Premier Pigments, one of the many services we offer is microblading and we also sell the microblading kits for people would like to becoming expert microbladers. As the world’s leading permanent cosmetic company, we can provide you with the necessary information and products that will allow you to learn more about microblading and permanent makeup. For any questions you may have about microblading kits or some of our other products, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Everything To Know About Microblading

So what exactly is microblading? In today’s blog, we’ll be covering the ins and outs of everything you need to know about microblading. We’ll cover the process, the healing time, what exactly it is, and even if you’ll like it once it’s finished. Although, the last one might be a little subjective. If you want to learn about microblading and whether it’s the right step for your needs, then let’s dive right in and become more educated about this trending beauty eyebrow treatment.

What Is It?

First, we’re going to cover what exactly microblading is. Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery is a type of permanent makeup. It’s not the traditional way to do permanent makeup treatments. It’s actually a less invasive procedure that is semi-permanent. Microblading is the process to make your eyebrows look flawless in a semi-permanent manner. It is done with a tool that looks similar to an exacto knife, except the end has tiny needles, which are used to etch into each individual hair. This procedure is used to correct eyebrow damage, reconstruct eyebrows that have been lost, and create beautiful brows that have deteriorated from age or the overuse of plucking your brows. Pigments are used to match the color of your brows and your skin tone to make them look natural and perfect. Microblading will give you brows that arch beautifully and are just the right amount of lusciousness to make heads turn your way.

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading lasts for a pretty lengthy time. Can you image going at least one to three years without needing to worry about plucking, tweezing, or shaping your brows? Yes, you heard us right! Microblading can last from one to three years depending on the type of routine and skin you have. This means that if you take very good care of your brows, then you could go a few years without needing to worry about them.

The Process

We touched upon the process above for microblading. First, it’s a process that takes at least two and a half to three hours. You will sit down with a technician who is an expert in shaping and styling brows for people. With your approval, you’ll pick out the correct pigment you want for your brows. It’s best to pick something natural and that will blend well with your brows and skin tone. When you’re satisfied with the choices that you picked for the coloring, you’ll begin the process. The tool that’s used has very fine needles at the end of it, which will gently etch in each hair to the skin to give it a natural and realistic look. The brows you thought had decreased due to aging or disease will be recreated with reconstruction and enhancing. Even if you have no brows, we’ll be able to go in and create a brow that’s perfect. If you need to come in touch ups, then the session will take about an hour and a half to two hours. Once it’s been four to six weeks, you’re able to go in for any areas you want to amend.

The Healing Time

The healing time for microblading depending on the person. Once the procedure is finished, the area around your brows will be a little red and the tone of your brows will appear darker than normal. Don’t worry, this is normal and part of the process of healing. As a few days go by, you’ll find that the coloring fades by about 40 percent and there will be slight scabbing. Again, this is normal and it’s best not to touch the area so you don’t damage it. As the healing continues, you’ll notice that the area will become lighter and more natural. You don’t have to take any time off of work and there’s no healing time. The entire healing time will be about seven to 14 days and about one month before the tone of the eyebrows truly sets in.

Is It Painful?

Essentially, this process is tattooing, so you will feel some discomfort. However, based on your pain threshold you may feel mild or no pain. During the procedure, the technician who will be doing your brows will put on a topical anesthetic to help make the area comfortable around your brows. This will also be applied again during the process, so the area around your brows feel comfortable. Keep in mind that since the anesthetic depends on the person, you may feel light scratches or absolutely nothing. You can also take Tylenol before and after the procedure. Many people describe the sensation as getting a light sunburn.

Will I Like It?

Keep in mind that when you decide to get microblading you should think about it for a lengthy time. You don’t want to go into it thinking you’ll love it and then be disappointed. With any procedure that’s semi-permanent, it’s important that you consider the process. Make sure before you come visit us to seriously about the decision. Since it’s semi-permanent, eventually they will fade away; however, it can take some time.

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